Teaching & Leadership

Students taught by highly effective teachers for three consecutive years can outscore students
who had poor quality instructors over the same period by as much as 50 percentile points.

Research has found that teachers are the biggest in-school influencers on student achievement, with school leaders also playing a critical role—particularly when it comes to retaining quality teachers. After all, it’s the school leaders who create and foster an environment for successful teaching and learning.

It’s our goal to invest in high performing, outcomes-oriented, sustainable programs and strategies that contribute to the following goals for teachers and leaders:

  • Recruiting the most qualified candidates into the profession
  • Developing current professionals so that they can improve their ability to help students achieve
  • Retaining the highest performing professionals


We support organizations that measure their results and incorporate evidence-based strategies. Ultimately, we are looking for growth in student achievement as a result of excellent teachers and leaders. Our Outcomes Sought document summarizes our priorities and is a basis for discussion with grantees.