Spring 2016 Grants

Atlanta Neighborhood Charter School

Atlanta, GA

Program support to match a Federal i3 Grant for an innovative 3-year teacher residency program “Collaboration and Reflection to Enhance Atlanta Teacher Effectiveness” (CREATE) designed to decrease teacher turnover, increase student achievement and increase opportunities for teacher collaboration in Atlanta Public Schools $50,000

Berryhill School

Charlotte, NC

Program support for “Project Horizon-Summer Cool” 2016 summer program to eliminate summer learning loss in reading (Next Gen Advisory Board Grant*) $7,500


State Level – NC

General operating support for BEST NC, a nonprofit, non-partisan coalition of business leaders committed to moving North Carolina’s education system from good to great $35,000

Devonshire Elementary School

Charlotte, NC

Program support for field trips for K-2 students to make meaning out of their classroom curriculum and for hands-on, real-time learning (Next Gen Advisory Board Grant*) $3,000

East Lake Foundation

Atlanta, GA

Program support to allow all K-3 Drew Charter School teachers to implement the Daily 5 literacy framework into their daily Literacy Block to ensure all students are advancing literacy skills and fewer require literacy intervention $41,000
(over 2 years)


Charlotte, NC

General operating support for MeckEd to serve as an independent community engagement convener around public education issues in Charlotte-Mecklenburg, including the Schools Superintendent search $50,000

Montclaire Elementary

Charlotte, NC

Program support for the Upraised Math system to more effectively engage families with their students’ math success through providing parents with mobile, print and web materials coordinating with class curriculum (Next Gen Advisory Board Grant*) $2,000

Reading Partners

Charlotte, NC

Program support for this researched-based, one-on-one volunteer, reading tutoring program to expand in Charlotte $100,000

WINGS for Kids

Charlotte, NC

Program support for WINGS, a results-driven after school program focusing on social and emotional learning within high-poverty public elementary schools in CMS $60,000

Winterfield Elementary School

Charlotte, NC

Program support for the expansion of BEAR (Bring Early Access to Reading) Bag literacy initiative designed to increase the exposure and foundational literacy skills for English Language Learners (Next Gen Advisory Board Grant*) $7,500

* Continuing the family legacy, the Next Generation Advisory Board is comprised of 4th- and 5th-generation Belk family members who have come together to learn about the Belk Foundation legacy and mission, in part by running their own grantmaking process. This Advisory Board was formed in 2013.

Fall 2016 Grants