State Policies to Improve Teacher Preparation

How can we improve the readiness of new teachers? The SREB Teacher Preparation Commission was charged with developing recommendations to better prepare teachers for success in increasingly diverse classrooms. Quality teacher preparation can have dramatic effects on student outcomes. The Report has practical, research-based recommendations aimed at programs that prepare teachers and state-level policy makers responsible for teacher licensure.

The SREB Teacher Preparation Commission puts forth the following recommendations:
1) hold all new teachers to the same licensure standard, even if they come to teaching through a non-traditional route
2) place all teacher candidates in high-quality clinical experiences, providing mentor support and training
3) bring together statewide data to be synthesized and widely disseminated, empowering change and informing improvement
4) encourage strong partnership between teacher preparation programs and local school districts

SREB works with 16 states across the Southeast to improve public education by informing policy, sharing resources, and training educators. In 2018, The Belk Foundation made a grant to SREB to support a roundtable of system leaders to use this research to improve preparation and licensure in North Carolina.

A great teacher can change the trajectory of a student’s life. Given its importance, the profession should require a firm grounding in initial preparation, close mentoring in the early years, and continued professional learning.

—Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards, Chair of the Teacher Preparation Commission and 2018-19 Chair of the Southern Regional Education Board

State Policies to Improve Teacher Preparation
Report published on
December 2018
Authored by: SREB