Munro Richardson

Executive Director, Read Charlotte

2015.11.30 Munro Richardson

Munro co-founded two education technology startup companies and is now leading Read Charlotte, an initiative to double the number of third graders reading on grade level in Mecklenburg County from 40% to 80% by 2025. Munro worked for ten years at the Kauffman Foundation in Kansas City, Missouri, before joining Read Charlotte. He holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Kansas, masters degrees from Harvard University and Oxford University, where he was a Rhodes Scholar, and a Ph.D. from the University of Illinois.

What statistic have you recently heard that surprised you?

48% of low income CMS students have no more than a single shelf of books at home

What is the greatest challenge our educators face?

Meeting the needs of each student while working to get better at their craft overall

When and where were you learning at your best?

In graduate school at the University of Illinois

Which skill would you most like to master?

Mandarin Chinese

What do you consider your organization's greatest achievement (so far)?

Hiring a great team

What quality do you most admire in a school leader?

Dissatisfaction—always wanting to do better

If you could change one thing about public education, what would it be?

Make everything revolve around coaching of teachers for powerful instruction

What is your favorite children's storybook character?

Harry Potter

When and where were you happiest?

At the birth of each of my three daughters

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